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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What really makes you happy?

Do you already know what really makes you happy?  And how do you work towards putting those things into your life?   This is and has been a struggle for me all my life.
If I listed the things that really make me happy - none of them can be turned into jobs and generate money to make a solid living.  I would love to do for a living what makes me truly happy - but how?
Today, I stayed home from work, and enjoyed a morning thunderstorm.  It was gorgeous and fresh and cleansing.  I love to light candles in my house and look out the window to watch the rain fall on all the plants and flowers on the deck.  So I did just that!  That makes me happy.
MAC lipstick makes me happy
Making pottery, painting, decorating my house, making 
natural soap and body creams makes me happy.
Cooking dinner for my family makes me happy.
Running on the boardwalk at sunrise makes me happy.
Smelling the water on the ocean makes me happy.
Stand up paddle boarding makes me happy.

If work consumes 75% of our day - how do you fit in the things you love? 
It comes down to planning for it right?
When I'm at work, I have no time to think about anything personal.  Its so consuming mentally and the pace and workload make it impossible to think about anything else.  So when I get home, the day to day work of keeping kids clean, house clean, meals, clothes clean consumes the 3-4 hours I get when I'm home.  By the weekend, I just want to sit, but I have family obligations, grocery shopping, etc.
So how do you find the time?  Most jobs are high stress in their own way, I believe, no matter how much you make or what your position is.  I've learned that over time.  I've made a very high salary and a low one - my stress level was similar in each.  So what's the right answer?  
Do what you love?

Can I watch the rain for a living?
Can I run for a living? 
Can I smell the water for a living?

What do you do to fulfill your happiness?
What makes you happy?
 I took this pic with instagram - while Mr. Coconuts and I were having dinner on the water.  One of my very favorite restaurants ever.  Completely casual, great food, great atmosphere.
 Mr Coconuts enjoying the view.


  1. thought provoking post. I'm a new follower. I think everything comes with good and bad, even when you are doing exactly what you were meant to do. happiness comes from somewhere else. Some place inside. I like your blog because you are all about balance, it seems. I think that is important. Keep up the good work! BTW, I am totally green that you live near the beach! :)

  2. I like this other Tina :) I am here about to post the same. I have just chucked my career in for doing what I love..but..there are down-sides. Like some aspects of the business are not what I love. I love the knitting and the yarn and the customers. Part of that also includes bills, databases, inventory, paperwork etc. I think the key is finding a job that makes you happy and is fulfilling enough to keep you satisfied. Your leisure time should then be spend doing everything else you can fit in to keep you happy :) I do think your list is a good one..and it sounds like you are doing most of what you can to keep happy.

    Happy..happying :)



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