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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Got up and RAN today!

I kept feeling unmotivated and kept finding excuses not to run for weeks now.  This morning I was feeling all sorry for myself after glancing at my agenda for today.  I have meetings literally every single hour today back to back with no breaks.  STRESSFUL!  I know that I NEED to run to relieve the stress and make myself feel strong and get those endorphins in my system.  So I cancelled my 930 call while laying on bed (I used my iPhone) after getting fully undressed for work, pearls and all.  I put my running shoes on and got on the treadmill.
It felt GREAT!!  No pain in the ankles, or knees as I would have expected.  I also was able to run for a full 30 mins without walking.  How can that be?  My pace was normal for me at 13 min miles.  But what matters is I'VE STARTED OVER!  The new running program has officially STARTED!  Woo hoo!  Now I can't wait to take credit for my running on my calorie tracker and synch with Nikeplus and daily mile!  Yay - the hardest part - the beginning is now over!!!!!!


  1. great job! Running makes me feel immensely better afterwards..call it what you will but I feel great after a good run. Can't believe you cancelled a meeting to run...nice cahones!

  2. I can just imagine before you got up and just did it, the back and forth you did in your brain. I can completely relate.

    I look forward to meeting you in Chicago.


  3. enjoyed reading your blog :) I'll be attending Boobs this year with you.


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