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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The KILLERS and I'm back on the RUNNING track!

I think many of you know how much I enjoy music and live shows.  I've not talked about many of the concerts I've been to lately, but I've GOTTA tell you about the THE KILLERS at the National last night in Richmond.  The National is a beautiful old theatre complete with old wood floors, marble, columns and its just a small venue but has so much charm!  The Killers - for some unknown reason - decided they were going to play there on their way to their normal huge venues (they're playing some Sat and Mon).  They've not toured in a while and decided to get back together and I guess this was just a practice run at a tiny venue for them.  They were AMAZING!!!!!!!  My sisters and I had so much fun - we ate and had drinks at a wonderful underground bar beforehand talking in amazement about the fact that we were in store for what we knew was a once in a lifetime show.  I'm sure they'll never play at this tiny of a venue again - which made it even more incredible!  I took these pics with my cell phone:

We stood for 4 hours prior to the show and during the show.  But it was worth it!  We were right there at the edge of the small stage.  I definitely got a good workout doing all that standing and dancing alone!   But yesterday morning I also got 3 miles knocked out on the treadmill!!  That, combined with 4 hours of standing yesterday, means I'm very fatigued and sore today.  My back is especially sore.  But I really feel back in the groove of running and I'm so proud of myself!  Its nice to feel positive vs. beating myself up with negative thoughts about how lazy I am or how I don't have it together like all those super successful career moms out there who have big jobs and are athletic and make real time to connect with their kids.  You know and their houses are clean too and all the clothes are washed and pressed.  As silly as I know that is, why do I hold myself to those standards?  The great thing about being 43, I think is that I know and actually give myself a break while connecting with my kids in less 'perfect' ways.  I wasn't like that in my 30's.  I wasted a lot of time resenting my inability to be perfect and have it all the way I thought it was supposed to be.  And I have learned in the last few years to appreciate what I have and more importantly appreciate living in the current moment.  Moments like these below where my sweet girl made friends with the dog outside of the breakfast place we love.  *Note she's wearing her doggie ears and pretended she was Wes' (the dog) doggie buddy.


  1. I have to agree with you about the being 43 part...I'm a lot more relaxed as a parent now than I was in my 30's :D Nice blog!

  2. love the doggie ears :) what a cutie!


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