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Monday, January 16, 2012

Not going to let work get in the way of my work out!

I'm struggling to keep running despite my work schedule.  Its been freezing cold and I've not gone out in it to run at work during lunch as much as I'd planned.  Last week it went so well when I went for runs during my lunch break.  Tomorrow I leave on a business trip through Friday that will bring early mornings and late networking dinners.  Do I get up extra early to run?  Will that make me feel better and also look better?  I think so.  I really do.

My carry on is already full of planned outfits and alternate outfits.  I went shopping on Sunday to prepare for this important week of meetings and meeting everyone in the corporate office.  Not great results as these 10lbs have made such a huge difference in how my 14's fit.  They still fit, but they're tight in all the uncomfortable and self conscious places.  My gut and my butt mostly.

That's motivation enough for me to get it together!  I'm going to wear my workout gear tomorrow and find a way to work out.  I've gotta keep moving, keep running, keep tracking my food!

I tried making Israeli couscous this weekend.  Wow and yum!  I've been eating plain greek yogurt and some homemade chocolate fondue sauce I got the recipe for out of this month's issue of Cooking Light.  It definitely takes care of my sweet tooth for a lot less calories than eating chocolate kisses or other chocolate items.

I'm definitely getting the water in.  I'm eating soup and sandwiches religiously for lunch.  Greek yogurt almost every morning for breakfast.  Just gotta get the need for sweets and overeating when I get home under control.

How are YOU doing?  How are you keeping it going?  Hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. Will a swanky hotel gym treadmill get you out to exercise? Sometimes they do for me and sometimes they don't.

    I switched to sugar free starbucks frapp. and fruity protein smoothies to quiet my sweet tooth. It has helped but I am only two weeks in...I don't know how long I will survive.

    Good luck to you and your quest for good 14's or 12's even.


  2. I hope that your week goes well for you! I am sure that you will squeeze in some workout while you are gone, if it were me I would get up early, because I am an early bird anywho. I have found that helps me do many things that I would not normally do in the evening because I am too tired.

    I know it will all work out, you are doing fantastic! Such a huge inspiration on the whole running thing for me.

  3. Hotel rooms are no fun, so when you have thirty minutes to sit around in your hotel room, go run instead.


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