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Friday, January 27, 2012

Fell off the running wagon - but climbing back on!

Following my week out of town, last week, I've fallen off the running wagon.  I also stopped tracking my food.  I ate 5 peanut butter oreos tonight.  Dang it.  It happens so easily.  I didn't want to lose weight and get stronger bad enough to outweigh all the things that get in the way and always will.

But, as I think about how I feel, not sleeping as well as I was when I was running, missing the feeling of balance and perspective over the stress in life, and missing out on the other positive effects of losing weight, I'm hopping back on.  Doesn't matter that I fell off, what matters is doing good most of the time and not beating myself up for slacking off there for a bit.  I still have 3 months until the next race - so I've got plenty of time to train and prepare.  I also know I need to enjoy running at work during lunch while its still cold out.  Goodness knows the spring and summer around here is so hot - its going to be gross to come back to work and feel 'fresh!' because I'll be all stinky and sweaty!  Got to get it in now!

Hope you all are doing wonderfully!  Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Do not beat yourself up, you have recognized it and are doing something about it! Huge step.

    You also are my inspiration!


  2. I heart you.. and you should give yourself a big HUG!!


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