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Sunday, January 8, 2012

No lions, but fish and whales........oh my!

My daughter with a big bunch of fish!

Skip to the last few seconds of the video - you'll see fins right at the end.
I'm sorry this video may make some of you seasick, it was very choppy and trying to balance myself on the waves while taking a video with a cell phone proved difficult for me.  They are little off in the distance - you don't see much - but they are very cool.  And don't make it full screen - it really will make you sea sick!

Well the fishing was fun yesterday - because of 3 things:

  1. My kids had a blast
  2. The bloody mary's were especially nice when consumed on the ocean
  3. We saw WHALES!
I've seen whales washed up on shore here before, but have never ever seen one swimming among the boats only a mile off shore.  We saw four - they swam two together - and it was so cool to see their tail fins come up out of the water and see spouts of water blow up into the air.  SO much fun.  It didn't matter that we didn't catch any fish!  We came in and looked at all the fish that came in - that's what is up in that truck up there.  They take all the fish that are caught in the r*o*ckfish sh*ootout and the donate them to the food bank and local homeless shelter.  That's where all those huge r*o*ck fish were headed.  We then had an amazing dinner of fresh oysters, clams, crab, shrimp at one of my favorite hangouts.  We drank bloody mary's and made orange c*rush's while the whales swam all around for hours.

On the workout front - my core was so sore from all the rocking and rolling in the boat - that I ended up  not running my long run.  Not going to beat myself up, just going to pick up where I left off!

I got my new lululemon jacket and gymbag in the mail on Friday.  What a nice surprise!  If you guys haven't tried their work out clothes yet - I suggest you do.  They've transformed my running and made it so much more comfortable for me.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. I loved this post, and the videos!! As for the running clothes I did check them out, but sadly will have to wait for quite a few more pounds off before they will fit me. But I absolutely love the bra's and I cannot wait til they do fit!

    Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Such a cute fish and daughter picture :) ...I was totally sea sick watching the viedos...bllllluuuh...

    I bet you had a blast~even though I think the bloody marys would have gone over the side if it had been me :)


  3. Looks like you had a great time!


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