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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

192 today - scaled moved for 1st time in 5 days!

Yay!!  It finally moved!  I hope it doesn't go back up tomorrow but it might - we'll see.  I walked/ran 4 miles again this morning on the boardwalk.  Its just so peaceful and beautiful as the sun rises.  And I just love the smell of the ocean with that chill still in the air.  Gorgeous!

Tomorrow is my big face to face interview with the VP at that outside company.  Wish me luck!  I still haven't heard anything regarding the outcome of the interview I did within my own company last week.  I have a lot to think about - not sure which job would be better.  I'm drawn to leave, deposit my severance and pick right up making the same pay I do now.  But I'm also drawn to a completely 'remote' job where I can make my own schedule and work anywhere I want to with a drop in pay that's not significant enough to make a difference.  I'd love the challenge at the outside job but I'd love the life balance of the internal job.  What to do, what to do!

I hope you all are doing well.  Where will my weight be by this Saturday?  3 more lbs and I'm breaking into the 180's!!!!!!!  What a DREAM that would be!  I can't even fathom it!  My clothes are fitting so differently.  I can't believe what just 10lbs does.  What will 10 more lbs do?  I can't imagine it but I so want it to happen!  I'm doing all the right things consistently - its gotta happen!

Today I ate:
breakfast - Starbucks Americano with half and half
10am:  Yoplait Greek honey yogurt, water
12:30:  1/2 cup pulled pork, 1/2 cup cole slaw, 1/2 cup baked beans, water
5:30 pm:  Trader Joe's white corn tortilla chips (12), 1/2 cup mexican layer dip, salad with Cilantro dressing, water


  1. 10 lbs for me is always a clothes size! You can so do this!

  2. Agree with Draz....10 lbs is a lot of weight!

  3. Did you get my invite? I always get a delivery failure notification sent to my email when I comment on your blog and it doesnt look like you got my invite so I wanted to check.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss and the exercising--4 miles, good for you, amazing! And good luck with your interview and career decision.

  5. I'm so happy that you're back on the loss part of this rollercoaster ride-- you've been working hard at it and it's totally deserved.


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