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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why aren't I changing things?

I've not posted in a couple of weeks and I'm pretty disappointed in myself for not getting it together and making exercise happen.  Work has been a little stressful and my MBA has had me busy but its no excuse. I told my son the other day "if your life depended on it, I bet you'd make it happen" - as soon as I said it I realized what a hypocrite I was being.  He wasn't practicing his guitar consistently.  I can't get my ass outside or on the treadmill to do the exercise consistently!

I'm not going to beat myself up here for too much longer in blogland, I'm just mad at myself for not 'making it happen.'  I have no excuse and I can't seem to understand what's driving me (or in this case NOT driving me).  I could psychoanalyze myself all day but I've just not had it in me to get myself excited and motivated about exercising.  

I know motivation is a feeling and that feelings come and go - but how I generate that initial umph to get you committed to going down a path of losing another 10lbs?  I've got to find it, create it, whatever!  I'm going to have Spring and the whole Summer off and I want to really enjoy it and be successful.  I guess its time to dig in and make some commitments to myself.....  



  1. Hi Sweetie.. I have that resistance thing going on in my life too.. here is what I do to over come it.. (now dont laugh).. just go do it. dont think about it .. dont plan it.. just go do it we both can thing of 9 million things that need to come first. that list will not change...and if we try to figure out when, where and how then we keep pushing it to the bottom of the list. I think we over think things.. Once you get the first time done and completed you get such a sense of conquering things.. I find it motivates me to do it again. because I have had a success.. Good Luck.. I will be rooting for you in my little corner of the world.. hugs

  2. I could have written this post in regards to exercise. I plan and plan and don't follow through. Maybe Barbara's right - we need to just do it.

  3. I know exactly you feel. Good luck just doing it - I know you can do it!

  4. I'm with the Just Do It crowd. If you overthink it and make it this big looming thing, it becomes harder and harder to do....But try this - focus on just ONE thing. Either exercise or eating right. Not both at the same time. Master one first, then go to the other. Sometimes this helps me when eating right and exercising regularly seems too overwhelming. Good luck & keep blogging!

  5. I am with you! That is all I have to say. Feelin' the same things.


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