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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Looks like I'll be taking severance after all

Job Update:  As you know, I turned down the local job that would have required me to give up my severance b/c they needed someone in March.  I applied for an internal job last week and found out yesterday that they won't be interviewing me because I'm "overqualified."  Can you believe that?  I was shocked and angry yesterday at the lack of intelligence made in that careless decision.  Because its a step down from my current position (a pay cut that I don't mind) and because they thought I would be 'bored' they decided not to interview me.  There were 53 applicants and they had to whittle it down to 8.

I completely understand the logic that they want someone who isn't going to just jump ship once a new offer comes along.  But I do feel they at least should have interviewed me and asked me my position and intentions regarding that.  They could have decided if I was flat out lying or sincerely interested in taking a step back, a pay cut, and why that actually is what I want in my life now as part of my quest to find real balance between work and home.  I am disappointed but see that it appears my fate is decided and my path will take me to severance which is also ok.  Both options have great benefits and both have drawbacks.  Life is just taking me down this path and I need to release fighting to control things I can't necessarily control.  I guess I'm just used to being the one making the decisions.  Financially, we will be fine.  I think I'm just grieving the benefits that go along with being employed (6 weeks vac, discounted services, $ to put in savings, frivolous shopping)

My job will end at the end of May.  Its a good time of year (its not Nov or Jan!) and I will spend the summer not working for the first time in my life.  I'm looking forward to it since we have a nice in ground pool that the kids and I will play in all summer.  I plan to take them to the beach, to parks, and have them help me maintain a nice vegetable garden!  Ha!  We'll see if they really help with the last one!

I'm finding that I want to eat junk food to comfort myself.  I've eaten chips today and then stopped myself.  I also ate some sesame crackers and cheese which were sooo gooood! :)  I'm planning a healthy lunch and some Lemon Chicken and Spinach Soup with Orzo for dinner. 

Now I just have to get on that treadmill and knock out 30 mins and I'll be good for today.  Its too cold and windy to walk on the boardwalk today - so its going to have to be the treadmill!


  1. Well it sounds like your company is taking good care of you so that's good. I'm unemployed and only got 2 months severance so that sucks. Looking for a job isn't easy so if you have time to take it easy have fun!

  2. With all the applications employers receive, they go through them and weed them out for the least provocasion. They look for reasons NOT to interview people. You are right. They should have talked to you first. I'm glad you have the severance and will be able to take the summer off. That sounds like heaven to me, to be honest, but I understand the anxiety and uncertainty of the future too. Keep blogging! We're here to support you through everything, not just weight issues.

  3. Hi there, I am a new follower, and wanted to let you know that I think you are very brave (based on your "about me" description, and I admire what you are doing! Looking forward to learning more about you!

  4. I hope you have a WONDERFUL summer!! Enjoy that time with the kiddos while you can.

  5. Oh a summer off sounds like magic but the terms suck...I'd be upset too about not even letting you interview.

  6. I know the whole situation is not the way you would want it to be.. but I am starting to believe that things happen in life for a reason.. glad you can enjoy your kids for the summer and make memories..

  7. I cant seem to comment - it keeps getting knocked back......

  8. Ooh ok .. now I feel silly - it worked this time lol.
    I was going to say the soup sounds yum. Maybe post the recipe and let us know how it went? ta x
    Love the summer (though I'm sick of it now.. come on down cooler weather.)

  9. So sorry you are under all of this stress... I get it, though (as you can probably imagine from reading between my lines in DL.) In any case: I'm hoping something may come through (can just be 'round the corner, right?) for you really soon.
    I like how you're taking a philosophical view as well... xo DL


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