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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not much happening

I made the mistake of hopping on the scale today.  I've gained some back already which means my loss the other day must have been mostly water.  Frickin Frackin!@#$!  I had been eating much less so it seemed possible and appropriate.  Humph!

My MBA classes have been keeping me busy.  Busier than I thought.

I'm still working on being consistent with exercise.  I'm good some days and not on others.  I'm slowly getting it together but I get so mad at myself for not making it my priority.  I. WILL. GET. BETTER.


  1. I have always viewed this journey as self discovery. and the fact that your are now thinking about exercise and planning how to get it into your life,your routine.. is a great achievement that you should feel so good about. Take a bow.. my dear.. good things to come..

  2. I was just going to say what Barbara said above. The fact that you are aware and working at it is a change. Keep moving in that direction and it will eventually be second nature!

    It took me 14 months to get serious about working out.

  4. Jeez, theres that mysterious weight gain us women seem to be afflicted with.. myself included. It sucks. Just keep doing what you've been doing and it will go - you are so much more aware of your weight nowadays that its a given. Sending good vibes your way x

  5. You all are so sweet!! Thank you!! I needed to hear each of those comments today....I had a bad day. Will post about it later...

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