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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tough week - its going to get better

I cannot wait for the day that I have saved enough to finally get to stay at home.  I realize that having that option is something not everyone can do - heck, I've not been able to to that my entire life.  There will be sacrifices, but the gift of just time at home and choosing what I want to do seems like a dream come true.  Such a high stress job, being responsible for so many people, and all the overwhelmingly large decisions that I have to make and be accountable for are just too much stress sometimes.  And bringing that stress home b/c I just can't stop thinking about the problems I have to solve sucks! I've been up at 4am and 3am respectively and can't get back to sleep these last two nights.

I've been having issues with my sleep lately - I've also had issues where I simply could not get enough sleep.  Sleep issues suck too!  My son is having sleep issues, even though the blood pressure medicine he's taking is supposed to make him sleepy.  He is taking blood pressure medicine because the side effect is that it decreases tics.

His situation is very emotionally stressful for him and for me.  It's difficult to see your child suffering in this way.  He is in counseling so that he learns how to deal with stress, ridicule, ostracizing, etc. as a result of having tics he cannot control.  We will get through this and he's a great kid.  I just wish he didn't have to face this.  He's only 11.  Its a lot for a 11 year old to deal with.

On a positive note, only 3 more weeks to Mexico!  Hubs and I are going.  I'm going to drink. A lot.  My mom is going to come to my house and stay with my kids.  They love her and I lover her for doing this so that we can go!

I'm not on track to lose the 10lbs I wanted to before Mexico.  I've been stress eating at night b/c I run out of time to eat during the day.  No excuse - I need to take control and make time for it.

I'm wondering if I'm Vitamin D deficient again.  6 mos ago, my blood work showed I was deficient - which is crazy.  I drink milk like a crazy person (I love milk!) and get adequate sunlight.  My doctor gave me prescription Vitamin D - 50,000 IUs per pill to take 1x per week for 4 weeks.  My energy level increased and general 'fogginess' lifted after week 2 of taking the pills.  It definitely made a difference in how I was feeling.  I researched this deficiency - and learned its an indicator of a thyroid disorder.  I'll go back to the doctor for my cholesterol check up and blood work this week.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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