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Monday, February 11, 2013

The best massage is when you're sore

I've been so sore since the half marathon a week ago.  Today was my chiropractor adjustment and 60 min massage afterwards.  It's absolutely heaven!  I really was never an advocate nor against chiropractors.  I really had no opinion.  Since I've been going over the past year and a half - it has really helped me.  I only have to pay a co-pay - and my insurance covers an adjustment and a 60 minute massage 20x per year.  Its fantastic.  Thank goodness my husband's insurance covers it.  Tonight she really stretched out my hips and lower back.  I feel so much better!!
I've been drinking my green blended drink every morning - which has been a focus of mine - to ensure I'm getting the protein in each day.  It tastes so great really packs in the protein.

Tomorrow its back to running on the treadmill.  The only way I can get the runs in are at home in the mornings.  Back to 530 a.m. wake ups!

I want to lose 10lbs by March 16th.  I'd love to get back down to 185 in time for Mexico.  Lets see what I can pull of in 5 weeks.  Probably not 10lbs, but 5-8 would make me happy too!  I want to enjoy Mexico and not have my shorts too uncomfortably tight.  I'm going to do it - just watch me!

1 comment:

  1. Great insurance! I've just started going to the chiropractor also....so far so good!

    MEXICO....you are sooooooo LUCKY!!



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