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Monday, April 25, 2011

Great Day with a Beekeeper

This is my little Busybee holding the chick she picked out as a 'pet' at my mom's house/farm.
And this  pics b/c I just can't stand how cute this baby goat is!

So, my mom and her husband (yes technically he's my step father but they got married 5 years ago and I'm 41, so calling him my stepfather just doesn't make sense to me) are beekeepers.  Yep - they raise bees and sell organic raw honey, honey butter, etc.   I'm going to make a website for my mom because the ENT's (Ears Nose Throat Drs) where she works are referring their patients to local organic honey as a therapy for allergies and other maladies and she needs to start looking a little more 'professional.'  

The point isn't that exactly, my point today is that I had a victory as a mom who is trying really hard to make more a connection with her kids while they're still young!  I've been taking off Mondays and volunteering at my daughter's pre-school and its been a lot of fun really seeing her there.  She's so proud that her mommy is there and it just feels so good to see that in her.  So today, my mom's husband, brought a bee hive, a real honey frame, a queen bee, worker bee, and the whole bee keeper garb and did presentations to all the kids at her school.  It was really cool for the kids to see it up close, touch the beeswax, the honey comb and taste the honey!  Did you all know that eating a spoonful of local honey helps cure some people of their pollen allergies?  That's one reason the ENTs recommend it to patients.  The key is that it must be local since pollen in different areas are different.  Since the bees make honey using the pollen and nectar from local flowers, it puts a little in the honey and it makes you build up a resistance of sorts.  Pretty neat, I thought.  I had a fun day with my little busybee and we came home, ran through the sprinkler and I got to plant some beautiful flowers in pots on my deck.  I'm sitting outside now and its simply a gorgeous evening!    Is this what its going to be like this summer while I'm off?  Yeah, I know better, but it sure would be nice if everyday was like this!

I've done great eating today - Sbux for breakfast, a 170 cal Hawaiian breeze from tropical smoothie for lunch, and leftover from Easter dinner (ham, mashed potatoes, green beans) - oh and sweetbread - eek, and 4 Hershey kisses and 2 mini Reese's cups!  

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My current dreamboard

I created a dream board for myself over on oprah.com and spent only a couple of minutes trying to not over think anything.  I see a definitely theme - peace, renewal and strength mostly. 

I took today off and enjoyed lunch with just my 9 (will be 10 on Easter Sunday!) year old son.  

I'm decluttering my kids rooms - getting rid of too many clothes and too many toys.  I'm working on my bedroom next.  I've got way too much extra stuff and I'm going to try to hold a yard sale.  I've not done that before and my goal is going to be to buy a new headboard for our bed.  It looks like this:
I've been doing really well with eating and easing into eating only when I feel like it.  That's been a good practice for me.  I've intentionally not weighed myself since that usually discourages me and I'm more likely to have that "give up" attitude.  Until I feel its changing, then I'll hop back on and see how I'm doing.

Thanks Linda for the exercise bra suggestion!  I'm going to find their site and likely buy one!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Its time to get serious and focused!

 I'm starting boot camp - with a friend - and it starts at 5:30 in the morning!  WOW.  I'm a little worried about it, but I'm simply going to just do the best I can.

I've been doing well tracking my food on myplate.com and recording my walking on nike plus.  I want to find a new sports bra - but only like the kind with underwire that separates your boobs - so you don't have the uniboob thing going on.  They're more expensive but I wouldn't have any other kind of sports bra.  I can stand to have a sweaty uniboob.

Speaking of boobs, my friend who got new boobs a month ago is loving hers.  Not only are her boobs perky and perfect, that little crease between your arm and your breast - you know that crease that begins in your armpit area and comes around so you can see it.....that WENT AWAY for her.  Somehow the implant kind of filled that area in and she no longer has that crease which makes her boobs look even better!  Her divorce is final this Wednesday and I'm going to be her witness in front of the judge so it can be finally final.  Then we're going to meet up with friends and have a champagne toast!  And we're going to sign her up on match.com or some other dating sight.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Still walk/running and it feels great!

First, I've decided not to take the job I was recently re-offered.  I appreciate your thoughtful comments - they made me pause and I really needed some objective feedback.  NOT from my friends, my husband, or my mother or co-workers.  I appreciate the authenticity of your opinions  - so thank you for that.

All things considered, my heart tells me to take time off - I've not taken 2 weeks off together since I was 16 (not counting two 6 week maternity leaves).  I have a sense that I really want to spend just a few months connecting with my kids and feeling what that's like.  My mind tells me to take the job, my heart tells me not to.  I'm not sure which is really the right thing to do, but its the path I've chosen.  

I'm still walking everyday - and doing a walk to run program.  I'm carful with my eating and working my way away from carbs.  I'm having a tough time resisting sugar but I'm working on that.  I'm also working on having a meatless Monday in my home.  I'm looking to work on more vegetables and fruits in my diet.  So far today, I've not had any meat and its not been bad.
Breakfast:  skim milk, bananna and coffee
Lunch:  Greek salad
Snack:  Meeting that had dried fruit, fresh fruit and chocolate
Dinner:  One small slice spinach and goat cheese pizza (thin crust) and greek salad.

I don't feel deprived (probably b/c I ate chocolate!) and my goal is to stay meatless today.  I'm low on protein today but I'll make up for it tomorrow.

I feel good today, I hope you all do too!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The final countdown

I officially have 60 days left in my job.   I've said a lot of goodbyes and attended some blow out parties as many people are moving into new positions in locations all over the country.  I've cleared out my office and taken out most of my stuff.  I've gotten used to and am looking forward to the time I'm going to have at home.  I've made a lot of plans for working out and other projects to feed my soul - like painting, pottery, crafting, beach days, and some home improvement projects I want to get done.

I've even signed up for a 12 week boot camp on the oceanfront.  I signed up with a friend and we're committing to each other to get up reaallly early to go!  I'm actually looking forward to it.  I've been walking a lot and have a sore ankle and knee as a result of a little over use - nothing some ibuprofen won't fix!  I see it as a good sign that I'm sore and have a tiny over use injury  - it means I'm pushing myself!

I'm also doing well on the eating front.  I've lost 2 lbs and its all coming together and working like its supposed to.  I just need some new songs on my ipod!

I have my eyes on a few jobs - but have been hesitant to apply for them - bc I really want to enjoy a few months off.  That VP from the outsourcer I told you all about called me again last Thursday, said he had an 'interim' guy in place and wanted to circle back around to me.  I asked him this time about the salary range (it was just not appropriate on those first few meetings) and he offered to match my current salary. oy-vey!  It definitely makes turning him down MUCH harder - who turns down that kind of pay in this economy for 10 weeks off in the summer???  

I keep trying to figure out if  God or the Universe is trying to open the opportunity up to tell me to take it OR am I supposed to see that even if I take time off -there IS going to be a job out there for me at the pay I want and that everything is going to be ok with me taking some months off just for me to do NOTHING and enjoy my home and my kids?  My current boss asked me again to move to Charlotte - again I'd have a job, well compensated - which is why I've had so many thoughts and concerns about turning down a job opportunity.  Am I crazy to not relocate and keep my job, am I crazy to turn down a job offer for the 2nd time?  What am I supposed to take from this?  Is someone trying to tell me to wake up and take the darn job?  My heart wants to take time off - my brain wants me to take the job.  I'm going to follow my heard and (try) not to look back!
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