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Saturday, July 11, 2015

I'm actually 174? Me??

Scale said 174.8 this morning.  Really?  My scale?  MINE???  How can this be?  I have not seen the scale say anything in the 170's since I can even remember.  I seriously don't ever remember weighing in the 170's b/c I've always weighed in the upper 190's and eventually the mid 200's.  I can't even believe the scale says this.

This hiatal hernia is causing my stomach to be smaller and I'm eating a lot less.  I don't eat much for a few days, then I'm able to eat a lot for a few days, and I do.  I think the constant change of eating and not eating is helping my body to keep guessing.  It's not sure if it's going to get a lot of calories or a little - I'm starving it and feeding it on different days not because I want to, but because my stomach dictates it.  And it's making me lose weight.  I work with a serious body builder, and he actually does a similar diet when he is training for a competition and is trying to lose weight.   Maybe this is why it's working?  And the weight is dropping slowly - I've lost 20lbs since March, that's 5 lbs a month.

I have had monthly endoscopies, my stomach hernia doesn't require immanent surgery and she said as long as it continues to look good and I'm healthy and losing at a healthy pace, I can wait and see what happens and not jump right into surgery to correct it.

I did go to my chiropractor and asked him to pull it out if he could.  My friend had a hiatal hernia and her chiro pulled hers out and she's never had a problem since.  So I decided to give it a try.  I asked him, he said it was possible and he proceeded to push his fingertips into my abdomen just below my ribcage and made a quick move downward.  It felt like you think it would, kind of nauseating.  I got up, no real difference and then bam!  I felt a strong sliding sensation like my intestines moved, only it was below my ribcage and it was definitely my stomach!   I went home and proceeded to be able to eat much more volume than I had previously and that continued for at least 2 weeks.  Then I slowly began to feel stomach pains and got hiccups a lot, and my stomach slowly returned back to how it was before.  I had an endoscopy done and she said the herniated stomach had gone back up through my diaphragm.  She subsequently lectured me not to do that again, but I'm glad I tried.   I won't be doing it again, my weight loss is continuing now slowly but surely.

I am wearing all the clothes in my closet that are the smallest sizes I have.  I am still a 14 but actually zipped up an uncomfortable size 12.  My life goal, as you can see on my sidebar, is 165.  I'm 10 lbs away from that!!!

I know many of you have gotten to your goals much sooner than I have.  Somehow, for me, moving from 195 to 175 has made a considerable change in my body and clothing size.  When I weighed over 200,  20lbs before changed a size, but now just 10lbs down changes a clothing size for me.  That's pretty exciting and motivating!

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