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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Starting to dream

I'm starting to dream again about what it is going to be like to lose more weight.  I've been at such a plateau because I wasn't exercising.  I made excuses about all the stress I was under (severence or not) and just how busy I was.  I know my eating was fine, but I think my body just got used to the same calories and with no exercise - well, how can I really expect to lose weight?  I was a little lost, preoccupied with all the decisions I was about to make regarding my future.  Now that I have chosen a path - I'm dreaming again and making plans about how I'm going to work exercise back into my schedule.
Did anyone see the Oprah show yesterday?  The topic was about the documentary Food, Inc. by author Michael Pollan.  If you want a copy of the documentary - btw - Amazon is selling it for 9.99 through midnight tomorrow (Fri).  I was very, very interested in the topics regarding how our food is processed, the data about whole foods, and how much meat we consume now.  I especially feel like I eat so much more chicken now just to ensure I get my daily goal of 60g protein.  Discussed was how different chickens mature (49 days from chick to chicken) vs. 3 months because of the antibiotics given to them.  The basic premise that we have engineered animals and processed foods to make them bigger faster cheaper - for our convenience - which in turn are hurting our health.  I don't have an opinion yet because I don't know enough about it.  I am going to read some books by Michael Pollan and do some more research.  This is the book I'm going to start with - its his latest publication:

What are your thoughts on the topic?  Do any of you follow any special diets for bandsters that minimizes animal protiens or do you eat only meats from free range/farm raised or organic farms?  How do you feel about the cost difference?  I'd like to know your thoughts/ideas.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lost 2lbs this week after my liberation day

My stress level is much improved after making the big decision to take severence and stay home for a year.  My employer doesn't know that will be my decision and I will not tell them until I get the actual notice and am formally presented with the option of relocating or taking a severance pkg.  Based on the information I have, we may not be severed until this Fall, but it is a possibility of being severed in June.  I would have a much better sev pkg for me if I'm severed in June b/c the new company who bought us out - their policy and pkg changes after that date to a lesser amount.
Anyway - enough about that.  Because my stress level is lower, I can just feel my entire body and soul relax a little.  It makes want to really slow down and make myself the priority and focus on what I need to do to improve my health.  And this week I lost 2 lbs for the first time in a month.  The entire month I was trying to make my decision, I didn't lose a single lb.  I've also noted how I've not really felt hunger - and its awesome.  I hope it stays this way!  I'm eating a 30g protein shake for bfast, a lean cuisine for lunch, and a small dinner.  Next I'm going to go back to my personal trainer b/c I need to incorporate that into my day. 
In the meantime, I'm dreaming of what its going to be like at home.  I have home projects I want to work on, some knitting and sewing projects I'd like to complete,  I want to grow and maintain a nice garden and enjoy the beach.  Exciting!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I need to spend time catching up on everyone's blogs.  I ducked out of the world of weight loss and all you neat people there for a couple of weeks because I was really struggling with my decision to either leave work and take severence or stay and relocate to a new city/state.  My husband and I drove to Charlotte NC last weekend to look around - the cost of housing there is SO low compared to what I'm used to here in VA.  Anyway - so what does my header up there - FREEDOM - have to do with anything?  I'm finally FREE because I made a decision to............... take severence!  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted after struggling to make such a tough decision.  Its hard to walk away from my salary - and the amazing relocation pkg being offered to me in THIS economy.  I am a saver - thanks to watching my Dad's good example - and so I have always put money away.  I have enough that I can actually stay at home with only my DH working and we will be fine.  In the meantime - remember I'm not being severed until next Fall -  I'm going to earn and complete my master's degree since the company will still pay for that also.  They also paid for my bachelor's as well, which I am so very appreciative of b/c I know most people go into debt to pay for college!  I am looking forward to spending time, beginning later this year, focusing on ME and all the things I love which are my children, the beach, and my hobbies!  I plan to be Martha Stewart for a few months and then consider what I want to do next.  Maybe I'll start a business, maybe I'll take art classes, maybe I'll take some time playing with my kids by the pool.  I'm already realigned and ready to finish losing this weight and incorporating a self care portion in my week of exercising, yoga, and getting regular massages.  I am SO excited to start this new chapter in my life and spend my next 9 working months planning my time off!
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