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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stuff I bought today & a cross dresser

I took my son to see Transformers today at the movies.  While I was there I visited the Coach store so I could see if they could send off one my purses for a repair on the handle.  A man who must be in transition to becoming a woman waited on me.  She is definitely in the beginning stages as she was still very masculine and so obviously a male in female clothing.  First, I have to say I was proud that Coach hired that person and hopefully did it knowingly.  I was really impressed also by how nice this man who is becoming a woman is and couldn't help but think how hard it must be.  I acted as if I didn't notice at all and probably was even more nice to her just because I felt sorry for her.  But do you know what I was most proud of?  My son.  He didn't even flinch or act like a typical 10 yr old boy and giggle or ogle her.  He didn't even seem to care even though I know he noticed it was clearly a man dressed as a woman.  That makes me proud that he just accepted this person as they were! :)  That's exactly how I want him to be and we, of course speak freely about those topics and I challenge him often on issues of equality.

Anyway, I also went to Nordstrom's today and found these Nike running shorts with the bike shorts built in.  I need to tack the shorts with a needle and thread to the running shorts so that the nylon running shorts on the outside don't bunch up in the crotch region and look stupid while I run!  I've been looking for shorts with built in biker shorts instead of built in underwear  online and everywhere and couldn't find them!  And the best part?  They were all out of XL's so bought the L and not the XL!!  How awesome is that??  They're snug but not so tight that I can't run in them.  I figure, the more I lose, they'll fit even better and it gives me something to use to measure myself with other than the scale.  :)

I also bought this new sports bra - by Zella today.  I absolutely cannot stand having a uniboob especially if I'm sweating. That is just the grossest thing to me ever.  While this doesn't have underwire, which I usually get b/c it keeps 'em separated, it has these cups built in that's supposed to the same thing.  I'll let you know how well it works.  I also really liked the bright pink lining inside!

The scale read 189 this morning and I haven't weighed myself in about 4 days.  Clothes aren't changing either, but I'm REALLLLLLY trying to be patient.

Today I ate:
bfast:  1/2 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup blueberries and about 5 cashews
lunch:  Organic white tortilla chips and about a cup of blueberries (my snack I brought with me into the movie theater with my son to watch Transformers)
dinner:  4 cheese ravioli with homemade turkey vodka sauce.

I haven't worked out yet today and I really need to do some type of cardio today - my schedule calls for a 35 min easy run.  So, shortly, I'll head out and accomplish some cardio today as soon as it cools down outside!

Tomorrow is beach day.  Going to get an adjustment and massage at the chiropractor in the a.m., then meet my friend at the beach around noon to 3pm, then sit outside and enjoy an afternoon Orange Crush! I'm really trying to soak up and really enjoy my last few days of freedom before my new job begins!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hey check out that milage! 8 miles Sunday!

Hey everyone!  See my update there on the left of my blog.  I went 8 miles Sunday! Woot!  Thanks Barbara for the shout out - I wish all this running my ass off would actually make my ass go away!

I ran the first 4 (with three 60 second breaks) and then I walked the entire second 4 miles.   I took the required break on Monday and today I ran the intervals again - which consisted of four 800 meter runs at a 10m15sec pace.  That's FAST for me and I sweated more than I have in a long time!

Today I used a Groupon and had my house cleaned.  Do any of you have your houses cleaned?  Why do I feel so guilty about doing it?  I swear, I cleaned the entire time they were here, too.  Its all part of my plan to de clutter my home.  I got rid of about 6 boxes of just stuff - clothes, books, candles, candle holders, purses, shoes, kid clothes, you get the idea.  I also threw away tons of old make up that was just taking up room.   Its a house CLEANSE!  I need to cleanse my spirit and cleanse my home!

Today I wasn't hungry at all.  I had to remind myself to eat.  I really enjoy not working because it allows me to eat when I actually feel like it.  This is a wonderful feeling!  I ate a few blueberries for breakfast, I ate some steamed shrimp, one grilled hot wing, and about 5 french fries with a beer for late lunch.  Then for dinner I had some leftover whole wheat pasta with onions, beef, carrot, zuchinni, tomatoes and garlic in a red wine reduction.  YUMMY!

I feel great that I worked out and as hard as it still is, I'm looking forward to this running getting easier....at least I'm hoping its going to!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Women and Stress - and a way to beat it

I liked this article below and wanted to share it with all of you.  I copied it from learnvest.com

I do think that visualization helps - but never thought to apply it in this manner.  I need to visualize myself running successfully, continuing to eat well balanced and nutritious diet, and I need to visualize the scale moving and/or my size changing! LOL.  Whatever helps, right?  I'm still a 14 -which I'm so very thankful for.  I just would love to be a 12!  I bought some new clothes at Talbot's yesterday and bought a pair of size 12 black pants that are going to be my goal pants for the next size!  What an accomplishment that will be!

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  I've fallen off the exercise early wagon and need to get my butt in gear and hop back on !  I need to just flippin do it already.  

I'm taking Fluffy's advice and increasing my calories too.  I'm going to go with 1100 net calories after exercise is factored in.  Also buying a heart rate monitor so I can figure out more closely my calories burned.  Thanks again for the advice everyone!

I'm spending today getting rid of tons of clothes and shoes - de-cluttering is cleansing!!

An Easy Way To Beat Stress

Carefree WomanIt’s confirmed: We’re stressed.
And we’re more stressed than men are.
According to the American Psychological Association’s (APA) 2010 Stress in America survey, most Americans are living with moderate or high levels of stress. And women are more stressed than men (28% report a very high level of stress, compared to 20% of men).
What tops our list of stressors? Surprise, surprise: Money. For 76% of Americans, money is the number one source of stress—above relationships, health, and personal safety.
If we could sum it up, we’d say: Mo’ money, mo’ problems. No money, mo’ problems.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Stressed Gender?

We’re not sure why women are more stressed than men about money, but we can hazard a guess. First, women run 80% of household finances in America. We also tend to worry about problems more than men do (yeah, we have to do something about that).
It’s important to learn how to better manage stress, because stress has been linked to a variety of ailments, from mental health issues like anxiety and depression to physical illness, such as coronary disease.

Tackle The Problem

One way to handle money-related stress is to go straight to the underlying problem: those finances. At LearnVest, we firmly believe in taking control over your finances, which will allow you to sleep easily at night, no matter how much or how little you have (trust us, having a lot of money does not mean you won’t be stressed out about money—read about why the wealthy feel insecure and poor here).
But there is another way to manage stress that might be even more important…

Tackle The Stress

Studies show that our response to an event—the meaning and significance we attribute to it—is actually more important than the event itself in creating an emotional reaction. In other words, if someone steals our wallet, there is nothing we can do to change that fact. But we can change our feelings about it—and we have much more power over our own emotional reactions than we think.
Our response to an event is more important than the event itself in creating an emotional reaction.
A recent study out of the University of Denver and the University of Basel showed that the method ofcognitive reappraisal, or thinking about a situation in a more positive light, helps women change their emotional reactions to situations.
In the study, a group of 78 women from diverse backgrounds were shown a sad film clip. One group was left alone, and the other group was instructed to use the “cognitive reappraisal” method. The group that used cognitive reappraisal experienced much less negative emotion and stress than the other group (and they even measured this through physical skin conductance tests).
And according to the researchers, these results apply to our larger stressful life events as well.

How To Do It

So how exactly can we start taking this “silver lining” approach to life?

Get Rid Of Stress Now

Check out our Getting Out of Debt BootcampCLICK HERE
Below are the actual instructions given to the women in the study—try them for yourself and see if they help you diminish the stress in your life.
Try to think about the situation you see in a more positive light. You can achieve this in several different ways:
  • Try to imagine advice you would give yourself to make you feel better.
  • Think about the positive effect this event could have on your life.
  • Think about the good things you might learn from this experience.
  • Keep in mind that even though a situation may be painful in the moment, it could make your life better in the long run, or have unexpected good outcomes.
Think about it–maybe we can re-direct ourselves into stress-free living no matter our circumstances. (And we’re betting stress-free is the better way to tackle our circumstances anyway!)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My running route each morning

 So this is where I start in the mornings on the boardwalk here at the beach.  I run 2 miles straight ahead, and turn around at the King Neptune sculpture and run back 2 miles.  I completed that today - and took only 3 one minute walking breaks between each mile.  After the 3rd mile and before beginning the 4th, I took about a 5 min walking break because I really needed it!
 This a view of the ocean as the sun is coming up.  This is at about 5:30 A.M.  Not sure if you can see the rocks jetting out on the right side in the water.  We call it 'the jetty' and its where all the surfers catch waves if there are any!
 This is my view to the right - its the end of the boardwalk (concrete walk) where I start my runs!
Another view of the beautiful ocean!

I'm happy I got through the four miles.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day for the running schedule, but I've got boot camp at 5:30am!  UGH.  But I know I need to do it. I'm really going to have to force myself to go as I really did not enjoy it the first time and then for the week after!
Then Saturday, the running schedule calls for a 60 min run at 7:30 in the morning.  No way I can run for 60 mis without walk breaks.  I'll be doing that for sure!

Today the scale said 187.5 again.  Gosh, I just want it to move down.  I'm carefully watching my calories and I'm at 900 one day 1200 the next, 1000 the next, 800 the next.  Sort of bouncing around like that.  I've been really consistent with my calories and with working out.  I don't understand why the scale isn't moving for me at this point.  It really should be.  Any thoughts or ideas?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Awesome running practice tonight!

I came home from running practice and hubs caught a large mouth bass in the lake beside our house.  Then my little girl, busybee, wanted to 'hold' the fish.  The 2nd shot is her 'holding' the fish. LOL!

I'm so impressed by so many of you who are coming back strong from surgery (Jacquie), getting ready to improve their body (Barbara), continuing to work out and/or picking up the exercise pace (Beth Ann, Amy, ) or trying something new to kick start their loss ( Drazil).  Such strong women out there that inspire me!

I can't tell you all how much better I feel mentally after running/working out.  Its incredible to me the mood lift I get.  Tonight I did my first interval training at the track.  I made some new friends, which is a bonus!  So what did we do at interval training?

I ran one loop around a high school track which is 400 meters and the timed goal for me was to run it in 2 min and 40 seconds.  They arrived at this number because I told them my average mile pace currently is 12 min/mile (I'm slow, I know it!)  The 2 min and 40 seconds equates to an 11 min mile pace so its a slight push faster than what I normally do.  This faster pace is supposed to strengthen your fast twitch muscles and prepare them to be able to run faster overall over time and practice.

Practice began with a 10 min run with everyone - naturally it was hard for me b/c I just not as fast as the other (thinner) runners.  Then, I ran four 400 meter laps at 2:30-2:40 with a 2 minute rest in between.  Then I had to run two 800 meter laps at 5:15 m:sec.  Afterwards, we had to run 10 mins as a "cool down"   Let me tell you it was hard!  Having someone watch you and time you makes you want to push it!   The plan for the rest of the week is to run 35 min tomorrow at an easy pace, then 4 miles at your goal race pace Thursday, then rest Friday.  Saturday is a 3 mile run.  Let me tell you running with others really makes you want to do better and be better.

When I drove home I felt so great!  So strong and good about myself and for getting out there and DOING IT!  I was feeling a little run down and demotivated earlier - but running makes me feel powerful and in control.  I love the feeling even though its a lot of work to get there - its so wonderful when you're done!

Tomorrow, I've got a 5:30 am boot camp!  I'm going to make this darn scale move!!  I was 189.5 this morning - sheesh - how long is this going to stick?  Move scale, MOVE!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm 190 again today....what the heck?

I weighed 190 yesterday and thought it was a fluke.  Then I'm 190 again today...what is going on?  Maybe I was really dehydrated when I weighed 187.5 for a few days?  UGH.

Yesterday's run was awesome - I feel so much better.  Today is a rest day b/c tomorrow I have 'interval' training which is when you go to a track and run 400 and 800 meter faster tempo runs in order to activate and build strength in your running muscles!

Today, I'm gong to do core and arm strengthening exercises.  I guess I could also walk, I need some cardio type exercise to help me burn some calories!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What keeps you motivated?

I've been thinking a lot about motivation as I can feel my motivation beginning to wane.  It seems to me that I am extrinsically motivated and I'm not sure why.  I'm motivated right now because I want to look better - not necessarily for the health benefits.  Its summer and I feel like I look old and I'm attempting to recapture youth.  Its the God's honest truth.  And I don't feel bad about it.  But I worry that I need to be intrinsically motivated to make sure I stay the course and not plateau for long periods of time as I've done in the past.  I need to eat well and lose weight for my health and my happiness - not so I look better.  Is there such a thing as doing this for the 'right' reasons or are they all intertwined and they all matter and contribute to motivation and change daily?

Right now, I weigh less than I have in over 10 years.  I'm so happy to say I'm in the 180's and I swear, I never thought I'd be like the rest of y'all and actually make it here.  I want to continue this path and its external instead of internal factors seem to make me get things done not just with my weight but with a lot of things in my life.  From financial goals to career goals to weight goals - they are all motivated by external things.

I've noticed yesterday, for example, I slipped and ate processed chips and cheese - not for any reason at all.  Its THOSE unintentional calories that make you plateau.  They're the couple hundred per day that add up to a weight loss STALL.    I fell back into the place where  I just wanted it at that time and didn't think of anything else.  I've been doing SO WELL eating intentionally and NOT risking for a second my progress by eating something that wasn't good for me and part of my daily plan for calorie intake.  I don't restrict what I eat, I just limit my calories daily and it works for me.  Yesterday, I didn't do that.  Yesterday, I didn't exercise intentionally.  I can even observe my thought process changing.  I'm justifying not working out and just blocking out and ignoring my eating clean and calorie limit for the day.  I'm slipping back into 'comfortable' and I have to figure out how to change this.  When I'm 'comfortable' as I call it, nothing really seems to matter - not how I look, how much I eat, what my weight is, etc.  Comfortable seems to equate to lazy!

I also sat down and figured out that I only have 3 more weeks left until I have to start my new job.  That depresses me as I've loved playing the role of retired, independently wealthy beach bum.  The freedom of drinking an Orange Crush on the oceanfront in the middle of the afternoon!  I've enjoyed taking my kids out of school and spending the day in pool!  I get to eat when I feel like it and I don't eat when I don't feel like it.  I think I'm panicked about getting back into the rat race.  I mean, I have to and I want to - but I'm just getting used to this freedom!  It makes me a little sad and perhaps that's where yesterday's poor choices came from.....

Today, I got my ass up and went running on the boardwalk.  My training program called for 60 mins of enjoyable running - whatever you covered in 60 mins.  I covered 4.5 miles and felt SO MUCH BETTER than yesterday.  I feel so powerful, confident, in control, and peaceful after I run.  I feel accomplished and my mind is clear.  Endorphins are a good thing.  I feel motivated again and don't want to ruin my day eating bad stuff.

We went to breakfast this morning for Father's Day, I had 2 eggs, 1/2 my serving of potatoes, and 2 bites of a pancake.  Not bad.  For lunch, I'm eating English cucumbers and tomatoes in olive oil, salt, and pepper.  So simple and yet SO good!

I bought RUNNER's, OXYGEN (per Amy's recommendation), and REAL SIMPLE and am looking forward to looking through them on the beach tomorrow!

How do you stay motivated?  I mean - how do you guys do it and stick with it so long?  How do you keep it going and how DID you stay the course for so long?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

No texting the guy - thanks!

So thanks to everyone who took the time to give such great advice.  No text was sent and it truly was the smartest, most dignified move.  Thank you so much for the great perspective!

Ironically, my friends and I went to a place yesterday afternoon on the beach and as we walked through the outdoor bar to get to the restaurant.....who do you think was at the bar?  None other than THE GUY.  We quickly passed by him and he was sitting there talking to his best friend.  My friend doesn't think he saw us, but I disagreed b/c EVERYONE notices my friend when we walk into a place b/c she's 6 feet tall!  People can't help but notice her.  Anyway - we made our way past with no eye contact and while we were way out of the way on the other side of the restaurant, he never said hello, came over, nothing.   I guess its possible he didn't see us, but I just don't think its likely.  It was just such a crazy coincidence to see him there of all places,times, days....

I'm still at 187.5, my 3 mile practice run went GREAT on Thursday.  Today is a timed 60 minute run which at my pace of about 11.5 min/mi could take me 6 miles - I'm not going to do that b/c I'm going to put walk breaks between every 20 mins, I think.  That puts my pace at like 12-13 min/mi when I include walking so I'll likely cover about 5 miles.

I finally found my nike plus sensor so I can keep tracking my runs.  Gosh, how I missed that thing!  I love my nike plus for tracking and 'getting credit for' all the hard work of running!

We're going out on the boat after my run this morning.  Its going to be hot and the kids want to go tubing and fishing.  Its going to be beautiful - I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick question about texting a man back and guess what? 187.5 ooah! ooah!

Well apparently eating more and working out less is working for me! LOL.  Hopped on the scale and I'm 187.5!!!  CRAZY!  I'm much less sore today and have definitely given my body a break - maybe its released some water it was hanging on to to repair my poor muscles.  It will be interesting to see where the scale moves after tonight's 'tempo' run practice.  I'm looking forward to working out and also meeting some new people!

Ok - so the question:  My newly divorced friend, had a guy come up to her in a bar and really liked her.  They met for lunch the following day, they've kissed, they met out late another time kissed more, he made her dinner at his house once and they spent the day together.  Late one night she got very loaded, went to his house without intentions and they ended up sleeping together - both were loaded and he was definitely the one who pursued the opportunity (prior to that she kind of felt like the one making all the first moves, giving positive signals, etc.).  After that - he went on a trip - they didn't talk/text much, which was fine.  Then on another night - she stopped by his house after going out with friends sort of like the week before- she called his ph while standing at his front door, he answered the ph but he was sleeping and little loaded himself.  When he answered, she said "let me in" and she doesn't remember what he said after that or if he hung up.  She kept calling him immediately after that and he didn't answer.  Ultimately, he didn't answer the ph and she left.  She apologized the next day in text, chalked it up to "acting really stupid, really late and I'm sorry about that."   He replied "no worries" and hasn't texted her since.  Its been 2 weeks.  Just a few nights prior to that, he was flirtatious and normal.

I know it sounds otherwise, but she's NOT one to sleep around.  She worried he thinks that and they just had such an intense connection and she'd not been with anyone since her husband.  She really liked this guy and is so hurt and disappointed at the sudden and complete LACK of texting/conversation after about 4 weeks of talking everyday.  He's a very earthy/'spiritual' type person and very straight forward with people which is why she's confused he didn't just call it off and be done with it.  She knows he's done that with other women.  She wants to text him this: "Hey there, I fully realize I'm breaking protocol by texting you, but I don't care about protocol and as you already know make my own rules anyway.  I know I chose not to meet anyone new until you and that makes me new to all of this/this world of meeting people.  I'm simply not that 'casual' and it just seems odd to not at least say I wish you well and wish much peace to you on your path."

What do you think?  Does she lose her dignity or does she seem needy for doing this?  Should she just not text him at all and let it go?  She says she just doesn't understand and she feels like she needs to put it out there for herself.  Its likely she's going to see him 'out' as they frequent some of the same places occasionally and kind of wants the last word and to take the 'mature' approach.

I don't think he's temporarily withdrawing - I think the challenge is over and so he's no longer interested. Which completely sucks.  I met him and really thought he was different too.  I definitely liked his honestly and gentle nature but I'm also confused by his behavior.  If she's never going to 'date' him again, what's the harm in her putting that out there and looking like the strong one - not weak or crushed by his behavior (even though I know she is really disappointed).

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Down .5 - its something!

I'm actually sitting in a bar on the beach as I type this, the wind is blowing and I'm drinking an orange crush at 1pm in the afternoon.  Its glorious weather and as soon as I'm done having this one, I'm going to go lay out on the beach for a few hours......

I skipped boot camp this morning.  I was so tired and my muscles were still sore, so I decided that I would skip it today so that I could run better tomorrow night at my first running club practice.  I didn't want to look like a total idiot out there - and I know I wouldn't have been able to do much of anything if I did bootcamp this morning.  So I didn't do it.

Yesterday I scheduled the rest of my laser hair removal.  I had paid full price a few years ago and never finished my bikini line and thighs.  I'm now scheduled to have it all completed.  If you all haven't tried laser hair removal - I highly recommend it.  I can't tell you how wonderful it is to not have to shave my underarms and legs.  I still have some residual hair on my thighs that the 6 treatments I had didn't take of which is why I need to do my thighs.  I also still have some hair around my knees that needs to go that I have to shave occasionally.  I  no longer have those black dots on my legs from hair that used to be there after I shaved.  I love, love, love it.  And getting my bikini line done means I no longer will have to have waxing done.  Yeouch! :)

I have hot yoga scheduled this week and my running club as part of my attempt at new adventures this week!  I've been looking at taking some diving certification classes.  Something I've always wanted to do.  It costs about $250 here to get certified in open water - so I figure that's not too bad for a new adventrue.  You have to go about six 2-hour classes and take a test both on paper and in a dive pool.  I'd thought about giving this as a gift to my husband for father's day.  We could spend some time together and I'd benefit also.

On the food front, I'm doing well with my calories - and I found myself down half a pound today.  So I'm 189 and I'm ready to move it down!  I'm still tracking my food on livestrong's Myplate very consistently.  I'm very proud of that.

I had a protein shake for breakfast - I'm trying to change things up by making myself eat something early rather than waiting until 12 or 1 pm to eat my first meal.  Its so easy for me to do that - and I prefer it - but I wonder if that's screwing up my metabolism a little.  So I want to try to get it moving earlier in the day and hoping that eating earlier in the day might help a little.  I keep reading that everywhere, so I'm going to give it a go.

I've also decided to start a savings goal so that I can do what Barbara is doing - I'm going to save up for a boob lift.  But I also want a tummy tuck b/c I'm going to do this and get to my goal!  If I can get to 160, I'd be happy.  That's only 29 lbs away!  I'm going to lose this extra weight and I'm going to need some intervention. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Been sitting here at 189.5 for 10 days now...

Gosh this is so frustrating.  I was so sore from bootcamp last Friday that I only walked (not ran) once on Sunday (4mi).  I've also increase my calories to 1200-1500 to try to jolt things, but nothing is happening yet.  UGH.

I am following the new running plan I got from my running coach to have yesterday as a rest day.  Today, I'm supposed to run my first 'interval' running at a track but I can't go today b/c I have to attend a funeral (my uncle's).  So not really sure what to do today on the exercise front.  I guess I could go running on the boardwalk since its so nice out today.  Usually I only will run on the boardwalk at sunrise b/c its too unbearably hot and crowded at all other times of day.  I feel the need for endorphins and the need to get the rest of this lactic acid out of my body - I'm still sore from bootcamp last FRI!

Its absolutely gorgeous outside today and I want to go to the beach and lay out.  I'm doing that tomorrow with 2 friends, but I want to do it today also b/c its only in the high 70's and no humidity!!  Hmmm, what I really should do is purge stuff in my house and clean - but I just don't feel like doing that.

How the heck am I going to get this stupid scale moving again????  I'm sick of being patient.  I'm eating right, I'm working out - my clothes aren't changing - so somethings gotta give! COME ON already!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Interesting article.

I overate calories yesterday and didn't work out.  That's ok - I knew it was going to turn out that way.  I ate 1500 calories and that's not as terrible as it could have been.  I received my running program/schedule from my running coach yesterday.  It looks hard but doable.  The most surprising part is that the emphasis is on not OVER training which I know I am prone to do.  There are only 2 long runs per week (4 mi or greater) and the others are 30 min runs or tempo work at a track.  I'm a little worried about the longer runs as they add one mile per week.  For example, this week is single 4 mi long run - but next week its 5, then 6, then 7.  That seems to me like a steep grade to adding mileage.  I'm concerned I won't be able to run all 5 mi as right  now my limit is barely 4 miles.  I have to stop and walk at 20 minute intervals.  I'm sure the running coach will say walk where you need to - but I just want to be able to run continuously, you know?  Like a real runner? Of course, I weigh 50 lbs more than a real runner!

My weight has increased to 192 (2.5lbs) since Friday - I've eaten more for sure, but I also think its the alcohol.  My hands feel swollen so I'm hanging on to water I believe (hope).  Could also be from the extreme soreness - I think I may be hanging on to water perhaps to repair these poor sore muscles of mine.

 I read this article and found it interesting enough to share.  Its nothing earth shattering - I just like good info as a reminder sometimes.  Its from Men's Health magazine:

You can't go anywhere without being confronted by calories. Restaurants now print calorie counts on menus. You go to the supermarket and there they are, stamped on every box and bottle. You hop on the treadmill and watch your "calories burned" click upward.
But just what are calories? The more calories we take in, the more flab we add—and if we cut back on them, then flab starts to recede too, right? After all, at face value, calories seem to be the factor by which all foods should be judged. But if that were true, 500 calories of parsnips would equal 500 calories of Double Stuf Oreos.
Not quite. There's nothing simple about calories. Learn the distinctions and lose the lard.
Myth #1: Calories Fuel Our Bodies
Actually, they don't
A calorie is simply a unit of measurement for heat; in the early 19th century, it was used to explain the theory of heat conservation and steam engines. The term entered the food world around 1890, when the USDA appropriated it for a report onnutrition. Specifically, a calorie was defined as the unit of heat required to raise 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius.
To apply this concept to foods like sandwiches, scientists used to set food on fire (really!) and then gauge how well the flaming sample warmed a water bath. The warmer the water, the more calories the food contained. (Today, a food's calorie count is estimated from its carbohydrate, protein, and fat content.) In the calorie's leap to nutrition, its definition evolved. The calorie we now see cited on nutrition labels is the amount of heat required to raise 1 kilogram of water by 1 degree Celsius.
Here's the problem: Your body isn't a steam engine. Instead of heat, it runs on chemical energy, fueled by the oxidation of carbohydrates, fat, and protein that occurs in your cells' mitochondria. "You could say mitochondria are like small power plants," says Maciej Buchowski, Ph.D., a research professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University medical center. "Instead of one central plant, you have several billion, so it's more efficient."
Your move:
Track carbohydrates, fats, and protein—not just calories—when you're evaluating foods.
Myth #2: All Calories Are Created Equal
Not exactly
Our fuel comes from three sources: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. "They're handled by the body differently," says Alan Aragon, M.S., a Men's Health nutrition advisor. So that old "calories in, calories out" formula can be misleading, he says. "Carbohydrates, protein, and fat have different effects on the equation."
Example: For every 100 carbohydrate calories you consume, your body expends 5 to 10 in digestion. With fats, you expend slightly less (although thin people seem to break down more fat than heavy people do). The calorie-burn champion is protein: For every 100 protein calories you consume, your body needs 20 to 30 for digestion, Buchowski says. Carbohydrates and fat give up their calories easily: They're built to supply quick energy. In effect, carbs and fat yield more usable energy than protein does.
Your move:
If you want to lose weight, make protein a priority at every meal. Adding them to snacks—especially before you exercise—can help too.
Myth #3: A Calorie Ingested is a Calorie Digested
It's not that simple
Just because the food is swallowed doesn't mean it will be digested. It passes through your stomach and then reaches your small intestine, which slurps up all the nutrients it can through its spongy walls. But 5 to 10 percent of calories slide through unabsorbed. Fat digestion is relatively efficient—fat easily enters your intestinal walls. As for protein, animal sources are more digestible than plant sources, so a top sirloin's protein will be better absorbed than tofu's.
Different carbs are processed at different rates, too: Glucose and starch are rapidly absorbed, while fiber dawdles in the digestive tract. In fact, the insoluble fiber in some complex carbsPh.D., a professor of nutritional sciences at the University of Arizona.
So a useful measure of calories is difficult. A lab technician might find that a piece of rock candy and a piece of broccoli have the same number of calories. But in action, the broccoli's fiber ensures that the vegetable contributes less energy. A study in theJournal of Nutrition found that a high-fiber diet leaves roughly twice as many calories undigested as a low-fiber diet does. And fewer calories means less flab.
Your move:
Aim to consume at least 35 to 40 grams of fiber every day. That being said, not all fiber is created equal.
Myth #4: Exercise Burns Most of Our Calories
Not even close
Even the most fanatical fitness nuts burn no more than 30 percent of their daily calories at the gym. Most of your calories burn at a constant simmer, fueling the automated processes that keep you alive—that is, your basal metabolism, says Warren Willey, D.O., author of Better Than Steroids. If you want to burn fuel, hit the gas in your everyday activities.
"Some 60 to 70 percent of our total caloric expenditure goes toward normal bodily functions," says Howell. This includes replacing old tissue, transporting oxygen, mending minor shaving wounds, and so on. For men, these processes require about 11 calories per pound of body weight a day, so a 200-pound man will incinerate 2,200 calories a day—even if he sat in front of the TV all day.
And then there are the calories you lose to N.E.A.T., or nonexercise activity thermo-genesis. N.E.A.T. consists of the countless daily motions you make outside the gym—the calories you burn while making breakfast, playing Nerf football in the office, or chasing the bus. Brandon Alderman, Ph.D., director of the exercisepsychophysiology lab at Rutgers University, says emerging evidence suggests that "a conscious effort to spend more time on your feet might net a greater calorie burn than 30 minutes of daily exercise."
Your move:
Take frequent breaks from your desk (and couch) to move your body and burn bonus calories.
Myth #5: Low-Calories Foods Help You Lose Weight
Not always
Processed low-calorie foods can be weak allies in the weight-loss war. Take sugar-free foods. Omitting sugar is perhaps the easiest way to cut calories. But food manufacturers generally replace those sugars with calorie-free sweeteners, such as sucralose or aspartame. And artificial sweeteners can backfire. One University of Texas study found that consuming as few as three diet sodas a week increases a person's risk of obesity by more than 40 percent. And in a 2008 Purdue study, rats that ate artificially sweetened yogurt took in more calories at subsequent meals, resulting in more flab. The theory is that the promise of sugar—without the caloric payoff—may actually lead to overeating.
"Too many people are counting calories instead of focusing on the content of food," says Alderman. "This just misses the boat."
Your move:
Avoid artificial sweeteners and load up your plate with the bona fide low-calorie saviors: fruits and vegetables.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

SO SORE!!!! Oh my!

Thank you so much you guys for all your supportive comments.  I appreciate it more than you know!

I am so sore today - more sore than I ever remember being in my life.  I did my first boot camp yesterday and it was HARD.  I couldn't complete all the drills in the sand (running, running up sand dunes, bear crawls, etc.) and I had to modify all the core work (scissors, Russian twists, lunges, etc.) to make it doable for me.  I drank lots and lots of water yesterday and took ibuprofen as a precautionary measure.   It hurt so much just for me to have to sit and try to use the restroom this morning.  And trying to climb up into my husband's truck today - yikes!  Stairs?  Forget it - I have to do it one step at a time.

I had NO IDEA it would feel like this.  My legs, my arms, my back, my shoulders, my butt, my neck, my abs, everything is sore!  Really painful but I am also proud of it because I know its only going to make me stronger and I'm doing good, hard work!  :)   I was supposed to go run this morning for the first time with the running club but there was no way I was going to be able to do that.  I'm giving myself some slack and allowing myself to be lazy today.

I'm slipping on eating clean.  I've learned that once I eat one bad thing, I want more bad stuff and find that its easier to give in.    Last night my girlfriends and I celebrated my birthday (which is 6/12) and we had lots and lots of champagne.  No, that's not me in those pics (its was my bday card)  but its pretty close to how we were behaving.  We then decided to go eat breakfast at 1:30 a.m. and what did I order in my drunken state?  Biscuits with sausage gravy and grits.  Seriously?  Total fat and carb screw up and it wasn't even that good.  Well, maybe it was, but sheesh do I want bad food today!  At lunch, I ate 2 bites of my kid's Nathan's hot dog and then stopped.  It was just calling my name - I really wanted that bad food!  So, I'm correcting my behavior and being good outside of all that.

I went and bought some beautiful produce (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, English cucumbers, fresh green beans) today and look forward to some great fresh fruit and vegetables this week.  I've got a bad night to try to 'un-do' - LOL!

I've also got a HOT YOGA fundamentals beginners class here on Tuesday that I signed up for and am going to try.  I've always wanted to try it and now I'm thinking that it might help all this muscle soreness.  Have any of you done hot yoga?  I'm looking forward to sweating my sore muscles - hopefully it will help.  What do you think?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Great news - very busy day!

Lots happening today!
1.  I signed up for a boot camp on the beach beginning this Friday for 6 weeks (2x per week)
2.  I attending a running club seminar and spent $149 for personal coaching to prepare me for a half marathon in 12 weeks: 9/4 (one of my goals this year is to complete a half marathon).
3.  I can tell I'm coming out of my mixed emotions.  I felt much better overall today and am finding some clarity in my feelings and confusion.  And its good - good as in I feel like I'm part of my own family again - not wanting to be distant from my spouse.
4.  I ran 30 minutes straight today!  That's a first
5.  At about 5:30pm today, the French company made an offer!  Its actually more money (shocker), 3 weeks vacation (instead of the 2 I expected), and I don't start until 7/11 which gives me a full month left for me to be off (bonus!)!

The scale is still reading 189.5 and with exercise, I only netted about 700 calories today.  My knee is bothering me a bit, so I think I'm going to not work out tomorrow and let my knee heal.  I've done a great job with water, calories, exercise.  Hopefully the boot camp and running club is going to kick start the scale.  I know I will have to increase my calorie intake with increased running program, but I still want to try to net no more than 1000 cals after exercise so I'm still losing.

I'm definitely fitting into 14's - so I'm seeing changes in my body even though I don't see it on the scale.  But GOSH, I want that scale to move down INTO the 180's!!!!  C'mon - just 10 more pounds!!!!!!!  Will I be a size 12 in 10 lbs? I can't even imagine!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't fall off this wagon! I can feel it coming on!

I didn't get up and work out this morning at the boardwalk.  I ate an ice cream sandwich yesterday which definitely put me into a tailspin of wanting to eat bad foods.  I am amazed at how much eating sweets makes your body crave other bad stuff.  Its SO not worth the hours of trying to resist other bad foods later!
I can feel myself beginning to fall off the wagon....giving up a little.  Its about this time - the 4-5 week mark that I begin to slip.

I don't want to give up and since I recognize this now I have to really push hard and push through this.  I read over on the Queen Bee's blog today that lethargy is a sign of not drinking enough.  So today, that's my goal.  To drink 4-5 water bottles and I'll definitely do it.  Since I missed working out - I'm going to make that happen today somehow too!

Edited to add:  I made it to the beach today and walked 4 miles with a friend (who can't run yet).  It was hot here out at 11am so it would have been total torture to run anyway.  I was sweating enough just walking!  We laid out on the beach for a few hours, then went to a local place and I had a fish taco and an orange crush sitting in their outside bar.  What a wonderful way to end the day!  Pretty good eating day today and I got the exercise in too!  I'm NOT GONNA fall off this wagon!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Scale still says 189.5 - WOOT! and sleeping problems

I've been up since 3am because I can't sleep.  This has been happening to me for the last 3-4 weeks and I'm not sure why.  I have had a lot going on not just mentally (ending job, interviewing for new job, adjusting to not going to work) and physically (been running consistently for 4 weeks, eating 800-1000 cals per day, and losing 14 lbs in 5 weeks).  So not sure exactly what,  if none or if all of those things combined is causing my sleeping issues.

Regardless, it sucks.  I've had so much on my mind lately that I just can't seem to get all the thoughts out of my head.  Without having constant crisis at work to deal with anymore, I'm finding myself lost at home.  I have these fight or flight feelings going on and I want the 'flee' part.  I know for sure that's why I've been able to run consistently.  I just want to run, run, run and wear myself out so I stop thinking so much.  I've been doing a lot of soul searching and as I said before - re-evaluating my life and where I am.  I think about whether this is where I really am supposed to be - doing the things I'm doing, with the people I'm with.  Again - my over analytical self thinks - that these feelings are just an extension of the 'flight' mode I seem to be in these days.  I'm just not motivated or interested in the things I used to be interested in.  I don't want to stay home, don't want to cook, don't want to garden, don't even want to watch TV.  I want to meet people, train for the half marathon, kayak, go shopping, do yoga, work out, go out with my friends.  I'm not some teenager -what the heck is my problem?  Am I trying to re-capture the youth I never had b/c I had to be so responsible and take care of and support myself?  Probably.  Am I feeling that this is my 'last chance' to be young and strong now that I'm in my 40's?  Probably.  Even though I honestly don't feel it, am I having a mid-life crisis because my birthday is this Sunday? I guess so...... I hate being so freaking stereotypical!

What is going to get me settled and happy again?  I was so comfortable before - but I feel that all those things that made me comfortable also was just a security blanket.  Like food was a security blanket.  My life is safe, my relationships are safe, my hobbies are safe, my friends are safe, my job was safe, my financial future is safe because of my safe job.  Safe, safe, safe.    I swear - my eating is so different now and it doesn't seem hard!  I'm not eating emotionally and the incredible thing is that I don't even want to! I don't want to be safe and eating emotionally I think to accept my unhappiness in all of those safe things I'd created for myself in my life.

Yep, sounds like a mid-life crisis to me! LOL! Now how do I fix this?

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