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Monday, August 15, 2011

Wa Wa What? Has it really been 15 days since I've posted anything?

Oh my goodness!  What is wrong with me?  I'm still here, promise!

First,  SO VERY COOL to be the featured boob of the day!  Thank you Linda for taking the time to write something for me and to everyone else who left such kind comments!  How neat is that??!!

I've been working like crazy and been quite a bit stressed about it.  I've been feeling guilty about not balancing my home life - I feel like I've not been spending enough time with my kids and it makes me feel like I'm always borrowing from another part of my life to make up for the shortcomings in the other.  Its a viscous circle that I need to gain control over.  For example, I leave work early so that I spend some quality time with my kids - makes me feel a bit guilty about not working late/getting things done.   I'm stealing from work time in order to spend time with my kids.  Or another example is that I skip spending time with my kids so I can go running.   I need to do all of those things: run, spend quality time with my family/kids, and work hard at the new job.   I know its a balancing act - but I feel like I'm constantly stealing time from one important area of my life to feed the other.  And I just end up feeling guilty whatever I do.  Sheesh!  The answer is that I can't allow work to consume me.

My running has definitely been suffering as I only have been running on Saturdays in the prior 2 weeks.  Saturday before last, I ran 7 miles and walked 6 so I could see what the half marathon (13 mi) was going to really feel like.  I think it was a mistake as I was so sore for a few days after that!

Right now I'm in California - visiting my sister.  I've run everyday except today (scheduled rest day) and its been fantastic.  I feel so much better mentally and physically.  I can't tell you all how much running makes me feel better mentally.  It makes me feel more in control somehow.  Today I drove to Laguna Beach - and wow it was just amazing!  The water was so aqua blue and I just loved watching the surfers catching waves.  The weather here is just amazing.  The lack of humidity is heaven.  So unlike Virginia right now!

I have a fun surprise for you all tomorrow.....you're never going to guess where I'm going!  Can't wait to tell you all about it!


  1. Summer is just a crazy time and lapses happen. Can't wait to meet you at Boobs! :) I hope you have a great vacation in California. I am done with vacationing and back to work :(


  2. yes it has been that long since you posted. I was just wondering about that yesterday.

    I think you will get your scheduling with your family and work figured out! It takes time my dear and you will. Don't let yourself feel too guilty. You mothers have a tough job!Have so much fun and can't wait to hear where you are going tomorrow! Or today!

  3. I feel your pain. I just do not have enough time for everything and am so afraid to let everyone down. I need my kids to be happy. I need work to support us. I need me to be well and strong so I can be here for my family and work. Looking for my balance too!!!

  4. I'm always so impressed with working mothers. You all are superheroes! Glad you are enjoying CA. I'm jealous!!


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