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Saturday, April 11, 2015

New Low and stomach is healing and getting better!

I'm at a new low for me.  I weighed 183 this past week and that's almost 17lbs I've lost since November! I'm at 184.5 today, but my water weight is fluctuating.  The initial 8 lbs was from stress of family member passing away in late Jan (stroke after lung cancer diagnosis/treatment) and the other 9 have been a result of my reflux and subsequent endoscopy.  Seeing 183 on the scale was monumental for me!  I'm wearing a size 14 because I'm not well toned because I'm not working out.  That's my focus - to get started and stay consistent.  Oh, Amy Cheese and Sunkist, you're my inspiration!

I actually slept all night last night without waking up or puking acid/water in the middle of a deep sleep!  I've found if I take my Prilosec around 6pm, I have a better night than if I take it in the morning.  I'm just so damn happy to have slept all night!  YeeeHawww!
I've also been tracking my calories and am a little too low most days.  That's why I'm losing.  It's so easy to slip into eating what is comfortable and easy - but my energy is very low so I've not exercised.  So, I bought some protein shakes and focused on taking in protein and green vegetables to get my nutrition back in line and energy back.

I'm going to a She Crab Soup Contest today.  Samples from about 18 competitors are judged by people who buy tickets to attend.  I love she crab soup and am very picky having grown up around it all my life.  That's going to be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to attending it with my mom and daughter.  And as with most seafood events, they'll have craft beers there too.  I wanted to share a new one I discovered, UFO's Big Squeeze Shandy which is beer with grapefruit.  It's actually quite awesome - just a citrusy hint of grapefruit which I love!  This is a seasonal beer you can only get in the Summer, but if you like Shocktop's Orange or Fat Tire, you'll like this one!

My goals for this week are to continue on my quest to get to 180 by Memorial Day.  I have to start working out in the gym with weights and running to build muscle and muscle tone.  I just have to get myself to a place where I'm not as fatigued as I'm feeling now.  Increasing my protein is going to make the most impact here - so I'm focusing on that and making myself eat whole foods, not soup or mashed potatoes which I have been eating because it was all my stomach could take!  My follow up appt with my gastroenterologist is next week.  I'll be discussing my major eating issues with her then and worried about the after effects of the next endoscopy I'm scheduled for in 2 weeks.  UGH!  I'm a little freaked out worried about having the same after effects as the last.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter.  It rained here so I planned an Easter Tea party for my daughter and my nieces (and one little nephew!)  We had cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, apricot tea, fruit salad, mini quiches and other silly little tea party snacks!
 Cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches.  First time I've bought white bread in years! lol!!
 My sister made little coconut nests with chocolate eggs (middle tier).

 We also made Peeps houses out of graham cracked, royal icing and edible easter grass!


  1. First, let's address the most important thing. White bread is just delicious. I can, and used to, eat a lot of wheat bread...and I still buy wheat hot dog and hamburger buns, but white bread is just SO SOFT for yummy sammies, grilled cheese, patty melts, tomato sandwiches, etc. Now, when I first starting reading I was going to say "Welcome to my weight bracket dude"...and then you mentioned me. You actually probably weigh less than me on the scale, and my thighs would sometimes like to be in a 14, but I am holding steady at a 12. Ah...numbers. I like that both you and I have the goal of Memorial Weekend. I've been staying on track with no soda and no fast food...although I almost had a Pepsi this weekend. One pepsi wouldn't be the end of the world...except it usually leads to me having 324 pepsis in one day! Keep it up dude!

  2. What a beautiful Easter presentation! I'm blown away.

    I am glad you're feeling better. Yeah for sleeping all night.


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