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Monday, March 11, 2013

Last week before a tropical vacation

The countdown has begun.  I packed my suitcase this weekend, made all the necessary trips to Ulta to buy travel sized cosmetics and shampoo and tanning lotion!  I even bought a new bathing suit.  No pictures, sorry....  Anyway, 4 more days and I'll be in paradise with my DH!!!  I packed a lot of beautiful lingerie that he's bought me over the years, always too small to fit.  I can wear most of them now and its  like shopping at Victoria's Secret without all the cost!  TMI, I know.  But I'm really excited.

I've not done a great job working out, my work days have been extremely long - didn't leave work until  630 tonight even though I went in early.  I'm thanking my lucky stars that I've made it to March 2013 and am still saving according to plan!  9 more months until I can be truly free.  6 more months after that and I'll have saved enough to buy the luxuries I've always really wanted but don't want to spend $$ on:
1. Tummy tuck
2.  New couch and chairs (I love to decorate)
3.  Stand up paddle board
4.  various home improvement projects

I've still got some knee pain but I'm ready to get in gear and increase my running schedule.  I need to get the miles increased and get the time in.  I'm sitting still - not gaining or losing - so I need to increase the exercise.  And I'm ready to do that.  Changing the time has really helped-I love all this daylight in the afternoon/evenings!!  That will allow me to go for runs when I get home from work b/c it will still be light out.

Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. I want a Stand up paddle board too! I'm saving up for a good one, I've only gone once but I'm looking forward to being able to go often once I have my own board! I hope you have a wonderful vacation :)

  2. Have a wonderful time.. enjoy.. I will be in florida on the 21st!!!

  3. hope you have a fabulous vacation!


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