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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Learnig my body's signals

One thing I've learned from this experience of eating whatever I wanted and not weighing myself is that I've learned how my body changes through the month.  I had a pretty good idea I was PMS'ing recently but before that I began to feel more restriction.  I know now that at least 1.5 weeks out of the month I'm going to have more restriction.  And that I shouldn't push the eating thing b/c I'm going to regret it.  I've learned that eating too much gives me a pain in my lower rib and a pain in my left shoulder if I pay attention to it before its too late.  I've also learned that I know when I'm losing weight without weighing myself.  Its all kinds of queues - not just if my clothing has changed - its more of a feeling in my gut.   No, not intuition, I mean like.....literally.   Like I can suck my gut in easier and allllmost eek out the faint edges of my collarbones.   Does that make sense?  I can feel it vs. measuring it.  And I find myself wanting to feel like that more often and its keeping me from eating the wrong things or too much of them.  Its definitely a different approach.  I'm secretly hoping I'm just going to 'feel' my way down this weight ladder and I'll just wake up one day, cheerfully hop on the scale and find myself in Onederland!  I'm still 4lbs away so there is no reason this is an unrealistic expectation.......I'll keep you posted on when that actually happens.... 


  1. Looking forward to hearing when you hit that 100+ .. I just know you will get there. Exciting seeing your collar bone coming through too. I love that we can track the changes in our body.

  2. Good luck to you! This is your path, and you need to take it whatever way works for you.
    PS: Comparing yourself to others is really dangerous-- I often have to talk myself down from the ledge b/c I lose around 2 pounds a month on average and that just doesn't even compute with the fast pace of others. But does it matter? Nope. I'm getting there in my own way and my own time and you'll get to your goals when it is time too!

  3. RC where are you? We miss you!


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