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Friday, November 27, 2015

Band removal recommended for me

I visited the gastro surgeon.  He said my reflux and inflammation is being caused by the band.  He said the ultimate fix is to remove the band and have a gastric bypass.  Remove the band to eliminate reflux issues and gastric bypass to address weight issue.  He doesn't think insurance would cover it b/c my BMI is 29 and it would be hard won to convince the insurance company that someone of my weight would need gastric bypass but that he'd be wiling to try.  The gastric sleeve he said isn't a good option b/c it basically just would still have an acid issue b/c I'm just reducing the stomach size but not addressing the acid issue.  A gastric bypass reduces acid b/c it bypasses the bile duct.
I happened to have open enrollment at my job this past week and found out that they have a bariatric rider, my husband's insurance that I'm currently on does not.  So I signed up for insurance through my work, even though its more expensive than my husband's just to have the bariatric rider, just in case.
I don't want to have a gastric bypass.  I also don't want my band removed.  All you saw this coming, right?  I am surprised, even though I knew this was a possibility.  The thought of losing my band doesn't freak me out, it makes me unhappy.  I love having the band and to be totally honest I love having the appetite suppression I feel as a side effect from this hernia.  My acid issues are currently in check b/c I'm on prescription acid reducers.  It's strange to have to be faced with this when I actually feel the best I ever have since I got the band.

Keep in mind, y'all, that I don't have a lot of fluid in my band.  It's not even
The Dr said, it just happens sometimes and is (as we all know) a known complication from the band.
He want to perform him own endoscopy.  I'm having that done on Monday.

I'm not sure what I'll do or what decision I'll make.  I simply don't have all the fact or details yet.  I have to do something and that something is likely going to be having the band removed and no gastric bypass.

On a side note, Thanksgiving is done, it was nice to spend time with family (hubby's first Thanksgiving since his mother passed away last Jan).  We were busy preparing one Thanksgiving at our house for his family and then traveling to my mom's in the afternoon for Thanksgiving with my family.  We have great leftovers and I plan to spend the entire day in my PJs eating my sister's potato salad and some turkey and gravy!

Christmas is only 4 Fridays away.  Yikes.  We have a lot of work to do to get the house decorated and gifts bought and wrapped for the kids and everyone else.  This is our xmas card picture...

Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and get to do all the things YOU really want to.  I hope all of you out there take at least a few mins or a few hours or few days doing what you really want and find happiness in doing so!


  1. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. Have a very Merry Christmas! Beautiful family!

  2. I ended up having the conversion to RNY in June 14... it's been great. My band failed as well - developed scar tissue that surrounded it and basically squeezed it shut - lots of acid, couldn't eat or drink, etc.... Glad I did it. Hope all goes well for you!

    1. Thanks for sharing Sarah. The surgeon I'm seeing is suggesting gastric bypass over RNY but I really prefer the RNY. He said it's going to be very difficult to get ins approval b/c my BMI is 29. (I'm 5'4" and weigh 165). I really afraid of a gastric bypass. I'm interested in your story about the scar tissue. That really is making sense for me as I went for my endoscopy and learned that they were doing a barium swallow instead. My band was completely shut and they stopped the test. It makes no sense to me that the band was completely closed b/c I know I don't have a lot of fluid in mine. I thought it was the hernia stopping the food, but I could see the barium clearly stopped at the band site. I was so confused. Then he immediately wanted to see me in his office (which I didn't go yet) I'm sure for the purpose of removing all the fluid from the band. My stomach isn't tight all the time, just in the mornings or if I don't eat for a very long period of time. I tried to explain that to them at the barium swallow, but they really didn't care and stopped the test and that was it.
      Your comment helps me to understand that maybe I have the same problem you have. It would make the tight band make sense.
      Thanks for sharing - that helped me more than you realize.

  3. Hi!! I couldn't reply to your comment on my blog, but as you know, I'm facing the exact same thing. Email me at bbeachtx@hotmail.com and I can walk you through my thought process so far. I would love to hear your thoughts too!!

  4. Hi, I’ve been reading your posts and just wanted to share something? Please email me back. Thanks!

    1xoliviax1 gmail.com

  5. How are you? We now share in a group (private) on Facebook. If you are on there find me and I'll figure out how to add you (Jennifer Sheets)


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